Bamboo Chair Mats
10 Reasons to Buy Bamboo Office Mats

You will find several reasons to purchase bamboo office chair mats, hundreds of people buy them for styles and some because of the durability.  Here is a quick list of reasons consumers buy bamboo computer mats.

1. Adds a elegant look to the computer area. When you have clients coming in and out of your office, it shows professionalism of your company with relaxing décor.

2. Some businesses use carpet and when they move around in their computer chairs, it can slow down the movement of the wheels making the chair inefficient. 

3. It is much better than Vinyl. Some offices will opt for vinyl for the cost, but that means lower durability and also not as professional.

4. These office mats are esthetically relaxing to the eye.5. When you spill drinks or something on it, it is easier to clean than carpet.

6. Bamboo smells better than vinyl or carpet.

7. Purchasing bamboo mats mean, you are getting sustainability.

8. You show green initiative and your environmental support.

9. It will make you feel relaxed and you will be happy every time you look at it.

10. When you decide to purchase anything for your business, you should buy products that will last longer, which bamboo will do.

There are many companies that are offering bamboo mats, but you will want to consider this regardless what company you decide when purchasing bamboo chair mats.

A) Look at the size of your computer desk area and measure it

B) When you purchase make sure to get a tracking number, so you are present at time of delivery.

C) And be sure that you select the correct finish, dark cherry or natural.

K3 Solar Wind Charger
 There are many reasons for purchasing the K3 Charger, I believe the number one reason for buying the K3 solar charger would be the wind turbine.  As you can tell from the images you have seen in the past, you noticed a mini turbine on the top of it.  Which is very unique, no other portable cell phone charger has this feature. 

Most of the solar chargers or portable cell phone chargers only have internal batteries and a solar panel.  But if you closer at those solar chargers, you will notice that they only work with one or two phones.  And then some of them are very bulky.  It doesn't make for portability. 

Additionally none of them have a wind turbine built into them.  And the ones that do have a wind turbine does not include the built in solar panel.

Additionally, you can charge the K3 with an USB Cable and plug into your car's cigarette's port.

They are selling at many online retailers like amazon, livecofriendly, and solarwindcharger.

Can You Say Boats,Wind, and 400 Watts?
Did you know that everyone wants to use alternative energy, from everyday consumer mobile consumers to home owners and even boat owners?  And that makes sense, with the high gas prices, insane energy bills, and the rest of the environment going down the drain.  It is about time that everyone wants to live eco friendly.  

The Air-X Marine is the world's smallest yet, powerful wind turbine for boats.  Created by Southwest Power, The Air-X Marine Wind Turbine is built to last with the biggest amount of power to give off.  That's right, 400 watts of affordable power, it would be silly not to take advantage of this.  Boaters everywhere know they need to have a generator, and in the past generators would only work with gasoline.  And in the past 15 years, they have made many changes to the Air-X Marine Wind Turbine. 

Some of the changes they made on the Air-X was the automatic stop for the battery controller.  You see, before they were not able to keep from over charging the battery banks, which would cause a decrease in battery life and overall performance.  But now, you can use the new the Air-X Marine, because they have solved that issue.  And since the solution, the battery life is extended as well as the longevity of the Wind Turbine.

Additionally, with the wider airfoil, it provides 30 percent more area which in turn provides stronger durability and better performance.  Plus you can immediately start receiving power with a wind speed of just 7 mph.  That is a great improvement.  And of course, once you go faster you produce more power, up to 400 watts total.  That is a lot of wind power.

With the affordability, durability and overall performance, the price is a breath taking savings as well.  The last time I had checked the price it was $975.  I think it has gone done since then, but as you can see, the ability to save money, use wind, and extend your boat adventures.  The price is but of no loss whatsoever.

If you want more information about the AirX Marine, click on the link. 


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